Big wall to picture small


You have big ideas, we have even bigger ideas for your big ideas! Graffiti Paper is a peel and stick art paper you can use to cover your entire wall or just a small section if that's all you need. Once the paper is hung you can then color on your wall without worry, it's that easy! 

Great for: a personal canvas, dorm rooms, classrooms, parties and events, children's playrooms. Tell us what you would use it for here and we'll show you all the great idea's people have!




Shrink and frame all of the great art you've made, not just yet though, this service is coming soon!

The best part of Graffiti Love is the ability to take your large scale art and turn it into something smaller, more manageable, more awesome. Soon you'll be able to send back your entire wall full of art for us to shrink and matte. We'll send the final print back your way for you to hang around the house.